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What is a "Page"?
One page is considered to be the content that fits on one regular legal size paper, font size 10-12 single space. A free consultation can help determine how many pages does your project actually needs.
Is there any monthly charge or any other associated fees?
Our website packages are one time fee and they are completely and fully functional, ready to work. Unless you require changes or constant updates once your website is published you should not incur in additional fees. You will need to renew Hosting and Domain Name after 1 year.
Do I have to mail or provide you all content physically or digital version?
All content must be provided in a digital version, Word, PDF, Excel documents, Pictures, Videos... Please note the content can be formatted or not, we will make all necessary adjustments for web optimization, also any PDF file, picture or video must be ready to publish. If changes are requested for editable or non-editable files or typing word by word is required for non-digital content, your project may require additional working hours and additional fees. If you do not have any content to publish or ready for the web, we can also help you create basic content for your website. Most marketing websites do not incur in additional development fees.
I Do Not Have Any Content For My Website. Can You Develop Some Content?
Sure, we will be glad to develop basic content for your website. A customer interview is very helpful to assist us developing content for your website.
How Does Your Web Design Process Work?
BBN Business Solutions' mission is to build the best and most cost effective website for your business.

Initial Consultation
All our services begin with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more.

The consultation step is very important because we are committed to providing you with solutions that will work for you.

Proposal & Paperwork
After you are confident and we have addressed all your ideas, questions, and requirements, you can get specific recommendations for your project. There are many different ways to meet your specific needs. We explain these options with the proposed pricing to deliver them. Once you agree, you receive a formal proposal that contains all of the work you require, prices and payment schedule, and contract.

We require 50% Deposit to start your project. After you agree, we agree and paperwork is signed and faxed or mailed to us, we start the actual design process. If you do not understand the smallest of points at this step please ask for clarification. Miscommunication and false expectations do not  move the design process forward in a productive manner. At any time please contact us about any concerns, questions or comments you have about your project.

Collecting Your Content
You will provide us with the text and any other content for your website and any specific pictures you would like.

Design Development
We ask you to provide examples of websites you really like, colors you like, and your competitors websites. If you want, you can also have a look at our past work and let us know any website elements you liked and we can incorporate the same for your website. Once you provide that information to us, within a few days, you get a creative mockup of what your website will look like when its completed.

Web Development
After the initial Mockup is designed, you will review it on our servers. We send you a web link to view the mockup and ask if you would like any changes. You request revisions as necessary and then you provide final approval.

Pre-launch Evaluation
After the site is built, you will be able to view all pages to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. You will submit any desired changes to the copy and then give final approval before the site goes live.

Launching Your Website
After final approval and payment balance has been received, your website will be published on your domain, and it will be live for all the world to see!

Ongoing Support
If requested, after your website is launched, we will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule of your web site to accommodate your requests, user feedback, system upgrades and any new emerging web technologies.
How long have you been in business?
We have been in business since 2004.
Do I have to host my website with you?
No, we don't make hosting with us mandatory. However, choosing to host with us is a big advantage for you. You don't have to worry about any technical aspects of managing your hosting account and the servers, we do it all for you. Plus you just have a one point contact for your Web Presence. If there is a problem it is always better to call a single reliable company who can take care of everything while you concentrate on your business. We will make your website one less worry for you.
I see a lot of websites are flash based? My website targets a serious and mature audience. Can you make clean HTML and non flash corporate websites?
Sure, in fact we design very good professional static websites. We have experience in working with clients from different fields and we understand their different taste. Our portfolio is just a partial list of our clients. If you did not find examples of sites you are looking for, please email us or call us, and we can give you more examples. We do not recommend flash animated websites because they are not Search Engine Friendly. Flash animation will make your website slow for some visitors.
What is your typical turn around period?
Due to the high level of custom work and the collaborative process involved in each website we build, its difficult to predict an exact turn around time. We will work together with you to complete the Web Design Project in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete the Web Design, but delays can occur if any milestone that requires your action, such as approving design mockups or web design changes, is not acknowledged on time. As an example, a 5 page website can be finished anywhere between 2-4 weeks after we have received all content and feedback from you. Its a safe estimate to expect at least a month for your project, though it could be much quicker or slower, depending on your input and project requirements. We also offer an express service for an additional fee to expedite your project. Always remember, we can only work as fast as you allow us; turn around time is client-dependent. If content is provided sooner, initial and on-going instructions are clear and revisions requested are reasonable, turn around time can be significantly fast. On the other hand, it could drastically slow due to client in-action, delayed mockup approvals, back and forth change requests, and others.
Can I use my existing website address if I host with you?
Yes, we can easily help you retain your old domain name on our servers or register a new one for you.
After you have designed our website, can we manage it ourselves easily?
Absolutely! You'll have several options for managing your site after its completed. When we are done constructing your new website, you will own it and have full access to it. You will be able to make any changes to the site if you have web editing knowledge and the required software. Also, we offer webmaster maintenance service, if you'd like us to manage your new site for you.
Will we get a chance to review and suggest modifications to the website before it is launched?
Of course! In fact, we will work with you closely to create the website based on your input. We will do our very best to make you happy.
Should you have any questions?
We are here to assist. Contact us today!


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